Yesterday we went skating for the first time this winter. Well, it was not outside of course. 2 days ago we still had 20° Celsius.
Didi was supposed to go with his after school program but then he didn’t because they had some difficulties. As Gege and I had planned to go anyway, we went all together. And it was fun!
The place was not crowded, very important for the first time in the year. So we were able to really speed up. Well, I am not very good at skating. The boys are getting better. At least I didn’t fall.

After the skating we went to grab some fast food. The boys liked it while eating but afterwards Gege did not feel well. 😉 Then Gege had football training and we went there. After the football he said, that it was not a good idea to eat the junk food.
It was a long and sportive day and today my foot hurts. So we are getting on slowly.